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Party Previous Balance

  • 1. With the help of this Add-on you can print previous outstanding balance in an invoice

  • 2. You can make sure that the credit is under limit

  • 3. You can send an invoice to the party with Mini Account statement.

  • 4. There is no need to tally the account with statement as each invoice can act as account statement

Bill Wise Outstanding Follow Up

  • 1. Maintain customer follow-up details like follow up by, date, remark , next follow up date and time

  • 2. Show last follow-up status in group summary report & outstanding report

  • 3. Maintain log report of a particular ledger outstanding follow-up

  • 4. When Tally.ERP 9 starts, a window pop-up will show outstanding follow-ups on current date

My Bill wise

1. Simple way of managing Outstanding

2 Time saving during voucher entry

3. Outstanding of Party bill wise on FIFO 

Account Settlement

1. Simplified Ledger Statement

2. Option to enter Account Settled Date.

3. Display ledger after the date of settlement

4. Option to print Settlement dated in ledger statement

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Double Discount

1. 'Double discount' - a discount after a discount? This add-on supports the entry of discount percentage, and amount. The invoice copy shows both discount columns.

2. Double discount solution is common requirement for each and every trader and for manufacturing concern.

3 Option to enter two discounts in % format in invoice entry. • Save time with auto calculation of discount & net amount for a stock item.

Triple Discount

1. 'This add-on supports the entry of 2 discount percentage, and  discount amount . The invoice copy shows all discount columns.

2. Triple discount solution is common requirement for each and every trader and for manufacturing concern.

3. Option to enter 3 discounts in %  & amount format in sale invoice entry.

4. Save time with auto calculation of discount & net amount for a stock item.

Unit Discount

1. Item wise Scheme management

2. Define discount amount per pcs

3. Auto calculation of Scheme amount 

Multi Discount

1. This Add on Work on both Sales and Purchase Invoice Entry.

2. You can get Discount on Quantity basis (e.g. Rs.5/ Per bag), Discount on Value/Amount basis (e.g. Rs.20/ deducted from value), Discount on Percentage basis (e.g. 2% on Value as cash Discount).

3. Separate Net Discount on Amount (e.g. Rs.40 Deducted from Value). Both Simple and comprehensive print format support this add-on

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  • 1. Add visible grid lines on screen and in printed reports

  • 2. Reports become more readable with this add-on

  • 3. View Stock & item summary with Gridlines

  • 4. Accounts & inventory monthly reports with Gridlines

  • 5. Easy to match Amount & quantity figures with item & party name

Excel Theme in Reports

1. Excel Theme in Reports add-on is Effective tool for every kind of organization using Tally as it provide a user friendly theme just like Microsoft Excel. Watching Reports is a continuous process and user always thinks that it is clear in view and helpful in working. Features: 1.Reports with User configured Spread sheet Theme. 2.Clear to view and easy to understand.

2. Excel theme in report help user to view reports with colorful grid line features.

Period Helper

1. Predefined Period Templates

2. No more reputation in giving date range for any reports​

3. Mostly used templat given for quick view

System Date as Current Date

  • 1. With the help of this Add-on, date of your system will automatically become default date of Tally.ERP 9.

  • 2. You need not set current date of Tally.ERP 9 as automatically it will start taking system date as default date.

  • 3. This will reduce chances of voucher creation with incorrect dates.

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Standard Price List

1. Once Screen to see the standard sale price and cost of stock items for a group​

2. option to see only sales or only cost price.

3. Helpful in sharing price of item to customers.

Loading Slip

​1. Loading slip With item and quantity details

2. Single loading slip for selected multiple invoices.

3. Helpful for packing of material for delivery

IMEI Search

1. Auto pick quantity through number of description

2. Searching of Description or Product code across various transaction

3. Helpful for Mobile IMEI, Laptop Serial number etc.

Replace Multi Voucher Date

1. Helpful in Audit & Adjustment

2. Select multiple voucher and change the date on click

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